Many admire the look of Antique Persian Carpets and Rugs paired with sleek modern furniture. It provides a contrast of the old and new, the traditional and the contemporary, providing a jolt of visual interest that just would not otherwise exist in a sleek modern room with bare floors. Persian carpets and rugs can provide a modern room with a feeling of depth, history, and timelessness.

Selecting Persian carpets and rugs for modern environments can be fraught with difficulty, if done without due consideration. For, only certain styles of tribal pieces have the symmetry, bold geometric designs, archaic quality and colors that can sit within a modern interior.

Tribal carpets and rugs offer a rich complexity of texture and sparseness in design as an alternative to the myriad of pattern seen in fine traditional floral pieces. 

The areas which well suited for modern interiors are fine Qashqai rugs (southern Persia); Afshar rugs (south-east Persia); Heriz carpets and rugs (north-west Persia), Senneh rugs (Persian Kurdistan, north-west Persia); Caucasian rugs which includes a broad spectrum of weavings from the tribal region between the Caspian and Black Sea areas which includes Kazak and Shirvan pieces; Western Turkestan weavings which includes the effervescent popular 'Bokhara' style of carpets and rugs. 

Kelim weavings are also highly adaptable to modern interiors and settings since they have a 'minamalist' template which can often enhance the look of any room.