An in-house viewing service is offered for all carpets and rugs during the selection phase.

This unique service allows you the prospective buyer the ability to view a variety of carpets or rugs in situ before purchase.

Benefit from seeing how different colors, designs and sizes work with your interior and soft furnishings

Custom ordering is available for specialist pieces/ requirements and caters for various sizing, colours and designs.

Typically, this would be for Large Carpets, Small Rugs, Runner/ Corridor Pieces, Circular Rugs and European Tapestries.

Benefit from our expert and friendly service, catered to art enthusiasts, collectors and interiors designers alike



Ornamentum has proven expertise in sourcing and selecting pieces to furnish large property portfolios, interior commissions and stately homes.

We seamlessly build extensive carpet and rug suites from our inventory, which includes numerous pieces including oversizes, runners, corridor carpets and hard to find sizes.


Ornamentum accesses highly skilled craftsmen and specialists to deal with all forms of carpet and rug restoration. We provide an assessment of the best approach to repair your rug or carpet.

We provide restoration projects for Antique pieces, as well as other treasured Oriental rugs and carpets, returning these pieces of art to their former glory. Typical restorations are for, but not limited to repair of holes,tears, splits, re-weaving/re-piling and full restoration of worn or damaged pieces.



Written valuations for probate, insurance, family division and other purposes, which can be carried out at our premises or in your home.

We buy and sell oriental rugs and carpets every day and we know the value of rugs and carpets by their type, color, age and also rarity.

Are you are looking for a specific piece? A particular size? A certain type of carpet? Ornamentum would be delighted to assist you in selecting that special piece.

Contact us with your requirements and we can send you color-accurate digital photos or a fully personalised catalogue (PDF) by email of the most relevant and appropriate pieces.