Classic and timeless, persian carpets and rugs add style, texture, color and history to almost any room. They evoke images of opulence, splendour and grandeur and act as a form of 'liveable' art that serves as a feast for the senses, but still serve the purpose of aesthetic functionality.

The beauty of Antique Persian carpets and rugs is that, if looked after and used correctly, they can acquire even greater charm and appeal with age.

Pieces can range from being  subtle and unobtrusive, through to bold and highly decorative. They are remarkable for being able to blend seamlessly into almost any interior and look beautiful, displayed on almost any surface including hard woods, marble or layered over carpeting.

A key feature for antique pieces is that through their colour, patina, quality and age, they instill a unique individual character to a room which modern mass-produced contemporary pieces can seldomly replicate.

For neutral rooms, Persian Carpets and rugs can provide just the right amount of color and spark by adding extra detail and layering to a room. They add intrest to hallways and even an luxurious look to a bedroom.